Two To Watch – Brian May and Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust on film

Here are two short filmed pieces well worth watching and circulating to as many folks as you can. Simple, informative and compelling. Please pass the links on to friends, family, networks etc and post on any blogs, websites and social media that you have access to.

Brian MayBrian May’s recent interview on Alan Titchmarsh show is on YouTube.

Brian May is not only campaigning against the badger culls and for cattle vaccination but is also trying to get reasonable dialogue going to find a solution re bovine tb.  This interview seems to have annoyed the National Farmers Union  – much snorting and threats of complaints – for no apparent reason. Maybe it’s because he is so clearly knowledgeable, committed and passionate.  He summarises the reasons why culling badgers is not the answer to bovine tb really well. He’s in this for the long run – and an inspiration.

Here’s the YouTube URL –

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust - Dr Gordon McGlone talks of the issues of a badger cull

A very watchable short film with Dr Gordon McGlone, Chief Executive of GWT talking about the disadvantages of culling badgers and what’s involved in the badger vaccination project the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust is undertaking on its own farm and reserves. It’s clear, well explained and constructed -  and has great footage of badgers by Pete McMurdie.

Here’s the Cotswold TV URL:

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