Badger Vaccination Programme Underway in the Intensive Action Area

The Welsh Government’s programme of badger vaccination against bovine tb is getting underway with some landowners in the Intensive Action Area in West Wales receiving letters informing them about the strategy and asking for their consent to access their land. Well done to the TB and Animal Health Teams for their swift action. Part of the landowner letter is reproduced below.

“Dear ….,

On 20th March 2012, the Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, John Griffiths announced his decision to pursue a badger vaccination project in the Intensive Action Area (IAA), alongside the existing enhanced cattle controls and biosecurity measures.

We are writing to you because the Welsh Government identified badger setts on your land during a sett survey conducted in 201o. We are seeking your permission to access your land for the purposes of vaccinating badgers on your land.

Please find enclosed a landowner consent form. We would be grateful if you could return the form … no later than … 2012.

We are currently finalising the delivery arrangements for cage trapping and vaccinating badgers in the IAA. We will need to enter your land for the reasons listed below:

Initial checking of sett locations, previously identified in 2010

Delivery and collection of the traps

Pre baiting, setting of traps and the vaccination of badgers

In some circumstances it may be easier to gain access to setts which are not located on your land”

The letter then gives further information about the delivery arrangements. 


Please Be Alert:

Anyone in the area who is approached by, or happens upon, people on their land or out in the countryside who say they are undertaking badger sett surveying or trapping etc  on behalf of  the Welsh Government re badger vaccination - can check with the Welsh Government TB team that they are who they say they are. If you are in any doubt about their identity and purpose – e.g. you have had no advance notice from the Welsh Government and/or have not returned a consent form to the Welsh Government - you should ring their IAA helpline 0800 496 1439 and check  - the last thing we want is an increase in badger persecution and killing in the area.

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