PAC is a group of landowners, farmers and residents living in and around the proposed badger cull area in west Wales. We take bovine TB seriously and recognize its impact on the farming community. However, we oppose killing badgers because scientific trials have shown that it is unlikely to help.

Our aims are to:- oppose the culling of badgers as a means of controlling bovine TB, and promote available alternative and effective measures to reduce the incidence of bovine TB; support farmers, landowners, and residents who oppose the cull by peaceful means; raise public awareness of the factors involved in the above. Background on the science re bovine TB and badgers is available on the main PAC website – along with more information on related issues.

How PAC developed

In late summer 2009 a meeting was organized by a group of about 20-30 people concerned about the proposal to cull. Having looked at the relevant scientific research they considered it was misguided. As individuals living in or around the likely pilot area they had had little or no information about, or opportunity to register their views on, the cull and found there was no support available to them from any official body.

As more people learned about the cull and realized the negative and long term impact it would have on not just badgers but also their own enjoyment of the countryside, the local economy and community cohesion, the group has steadily grown. People have understandably been wary of identifying themselves as opposed to the cull for fear of harassment from, or falling out with, those who are pro-cull or attracting the attention of the Assembly officials or badger baiters to their land. It is a rural community where many of us live in isolated areas so we care about and rely on our neighbours.

PAC runs entirely on volunteer input, spreading news and reaching people through various networks and direct contact such as stalls. Activities have included writing letters to Assembly Members, organising public meetings, providing information about the science re bovine TB and other related issues, awareness and fund raising events including live music and street processions. We have continued to question the Welsh Assembly about the validity of evidence to support their policies and the procedures they have adopted.

PAC Supporters

PAC supporters come from a wide range of backgrounds and views – farmers, agricultural and forestry workers, scientists, conservationists, artists, retailers, people involved in tourism and many others. A considerable number have been prepared to identify themselves as landowners/occupiers. The size of holdings looked after by PAC supporters ranges from a few to 100s of acres – with lots of holdings managed for conservation and on sustainable agricultural principles. Many supporters are also involved in tourism through holiday cottages, camping, providing activities for visitors (including eco and wildlife related activities), running or working for local businesses that rely on tourists.