Aberystwyth Procession on Saturday 30th April

There was blazing sun in Aberystwyth as the Funeral Procession organised by Aberystwyth Against the Cull to show opposition to the badger cull wound its way through the town centre and along the main road to the WAG building.  Headed by a Grim Reaper complete with scythe alongside a large Badger and with a police escort - the procession provoked plenty of interest from shoppers, pavement cafe customers and passers by. Car horns were honked in support and people sitting inside cafes shouted out encouragement and gave us the thumbs up as we passed them.

On The March

Some people joined the march spontaneously – others took leaflets and asked for more. There were children, young and older people, and an assortment of dogs happy to be out on an unexpected jaunt with their owners. People from all walks of life united by a common opposition to killing badgers.  

Grim Reaper Outside WAG

The Grim Reaper looked all too apt outside the Welsh Assembly Government building with its eerily cagelike exterior.

Badger Head Off

The badger’s head came off for a bit - far too hot for comfort.

Banner and BadgerSome of the groups had brought their own banners about the proposed badger killing. During the press photo opportunities we had a bit of time to find out where others had come from and what was going on in their area of Wales.

Addressing the March

A few words were spoken to mark the occasion and bring people up to date with the latest news about the letter before action sent by the Badger Trust to WAG with a view to commencing legal proceedings in the High Court if the WAG refuses to revoke its Order to destroy badgers.

Railings Messages

Messages were left behind on the WAG railings.

Thank you to Aberystwyth Against the Cull for organising the procession which generated lots of interest and public support. It gave us an excellent opportunity to show the continuing opposition to the cull and meet other groups and individuals. Thanks to everyone who came along.

One Response to “Aberystwyth Procession on Saturday 30th April

  1. Well done. I am sending this page to my animal welfare contacts now.
    When we were protesting against the badger cull outside the offices of Thomson Ecology in Cardiff (twice) we also had a fantasic response like you from passers by and most vehicles passing sounded their horn. Even the police present expressed surprise at the amount of support.
    Now all we need is for Assembly Members to listen to the majority of the public they represent and ACTUALLY let the answer to bovine TB be science based.