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Staggering Badgers – Badger Trust press release

The issue of ‘Badgers and bovine TB’ and the Coalition Government’s proposals to kill badgers by free shooting was debated by MPs in Westminster Hall on October 18th. Some of the contributions by pro culling MPs were, to say the least, lacking in substance.  James Gray, MP for North Wiltshire, proffered a ludicrous tale of staggering […]

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Campaign Against Hermon Slurry Lagoon – Update

A decision is expected at the end of November on the controversial planning application for a 4 million gallon slurry lagoon on a farm in Hermon, Pembrokeshire, within the Intensive Action Area. Local people have been campaigning against the lagoon on environmental and health grounds and have raised serious concerns about planning process and procedures. Given the potential of slurry as a transmission route for bovine tb, an application for a lagoon on this massive scale in this ‘hotspot’ should receive rigorous scrutiny. However, the latest press release from the campaign group says there has been a lack of thorough examination by Pembrokeshire County Council.

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