The self perpetuating price of culling … a tale from Ireland

We received the message below today from someone living amidst and campaigning against the ongoing killing of badgers in Ireland – sent to us in response to the news that the High Court have ruled the Coalition Government’s proposals to kill thousands of badgers in England are legal. _________________________________________________________________ “Perhaps the powers that be would like […]


Bad news: Judge rules on badger culling in England

News in today  … the High Court has decided not to quash government proposals to kill badgers in England. It’s a bad outcome for badgers and those of us who want the focus to be on finding effective, sustainable and humane solutions to the control of bovine tb. Please support the Badger Trust in any […]


Badger Vaccination Programme Underway in the Intensive Action Area

The Welsh Government’s programme of badger vaccination against bovine tb is getting underway with some landowners in the Intensive Action Area in West Wales receiving letters informing them about the strategy and asking for their consent to access their land. Well done to the TB and Animal Health Teams for their swift action. Part of […]


Cattle vaccination against bovine TB and associated DIVA test

Defra have provided the following information extracted from Freedom of Information Requests and other Correspondence which indicates that a cattle vaccine is closer to deployment than the Government would have us think.


Welsh Government Announce Badger Vaccination Programme

Wonderful news – John Griffiths, Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development announced this afternoon:-
“After careful consideration I have decide to pursue a badger vaccination programme…..I have asked my Chief Veterinary Officer to design the project to begin in the Intensive Action Area this summer and continue for five years.


Two To Watch – Brian May and Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust on film

Here are two short filmed pieces well worth watching and circulating to as many folks as you can. Simple, informative and compelling. Please pass the links on to friends, family, networks etc and post on any blogs, websites and social media that you have access to. Brian May – Brian May’s recent interview on Alan Titchmarsh show is on […]


Badger Trust gives DEFRA notice of legal challenge

Good news  - here’s the positive and robust statement issued by the Badger Trust yesterday…   (Note: the statement relates to the English badger culling proposals only. The Welsh Government has not yet announced its intentions regarding the currently suspended Welsh badger cull.)  _____________________________________________________________________________ Badger Trust gives DEFRA notice of legal challenge The Badger Trust has sent a letter to the Department of Environment, […]


‘Specialists like Devon farmer **** **** can identify diseased setts, but often lack academic qualifications deemed necessary to do the job – a great pity.’ – Badger Trust

The latest in the Badger Trust’s ‘Nonsense in the News’ series – a much needed myth-busting service. ‘Specialists like Devon farmer **** **** can identify diseased setts, but often lack academic qualifications deemed necessary to do the job – a great pity’. News item: Western Morning News [1]. SUCH RURAL MYTHS as this are increasingly prevalent. […]